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About NFPD, History of NFPD & Meet the Chief

NFPD Information

About NFPD

History of NFPD

Meet Chief Carpenter

About NFPD

The Nampa Fire Protection District operates under the vision of:
Excellence - Service - Strength in Unity
and through the core values of:
Teamwork, Integrity, Compassion, Professionalism, and Safety

  • The Nampa Fire Protection District (NFPD) provides service to an area of approximately 100 sq. miles and 125,000 citizens. Our service is a mix of urban, suburban, industrial and rural zones.
  • Currently, NFPD has 110 personnel working out of 6 fire stations, a training division, and the administrative office.
    Our frontline response apparatus includes 4 Type 1 fire engines, a 100' aerial platform truck, a 75' ladder truck company, a squad, a Type 5 bush rig, and a technical rescue team.
  • Nampa Fire is an all-hazards department frequently responding to medical emergencies, structure fires, vehicle extrication, wildland fires, hazardous material incidents, and technical rescue emergencies.
    Many members of the Nampa Fire District achieve technician and/or instructor certifications in the various emergency response disciplines.
  • Nampa Fire is a proud member of the Treasure Valley Emergency Medical Services System (TVEMSS).
    The TVEMSS is a collective agreement plan providing a unified and central medical direction, along with common Standing Written Orders for several area EMS agencies.
  • NFPD delivers high quality Advanced Life Support medical care providing a certified paramedic on every fire engine.
  • Exceptional critical care transportation is provided by our partners Canyon County Paramedics.
  • NFPD and CCP work closely together to ensure that the citizens in our area receive the highest level of quality care possible.
  • We celebrate the exceptional training facility that we have here in Nampa.
    In addition, Nampa Fire enjoys the benefit of having a high performing dedicated training staff that provides our personnel outstanding education resulting in a culture of excellence and professionalism.
  • The Nampa Firefighters Local 804 has a deep tradition of service in our community as well as an unrelenting commitment to its members.
    The Nampa Fire Administration and the Local 804 strive to be a model of collaboration, sharing a vision that results in the delivery of the best possible service to our citizens.

The Nampa Fire Protection District operates under the vision of:
Excellence - Service - Strength in Unity
and through the core values of:
Teamwork, Integrity, Compassion, Professionalism, and Safety

  • The Nampa Fire Protection District has a rich history that dates back to September 1891 when Nampa's first fire station, known as the "Engine House," was established. The original fire station was a single-story, one-room wooden building.
    Since its inception, the firefighters of Nampa Fire Protection District have maintained a tradition of service and sacrifice that continues to guide its members today.
  • To preserve the history of the district, Nampa Fire Station #1 houses a small area on the second floor that serves as a history museum. This space contains relics and artifacts that offer a glimpse into the district's past.
  • Numerous historians and individuals have dedicated themselves to uncovering and documenting the history of the Nampa Fire Protection District.
    Their efforts have resulted in published works that shed light on the district's past. One such publication is "History of Nampa's Fire Department 1981-1999" written by retired Nampa firefighter Rick D. Bergemann and edited by Lara Bergemann Hooper.
    This book provides a comprehensive account of the district's history dating from 1981-1999.
  • Additionally, "Through the Smoke" is an autobiography by L.T. Lessinger, focusing on his experiences in the fire service. A memoir written as a request to his wife and daughters which gives a glimpse into the life of a firefighter in the beginning of the 20th century.
  • These published works contribute to the understanding and appreciation of the Nampa Fire Protection District's history and the brave men and women who have served within its ranks.

Chief Carpenter has dedicated his life to the fire service and began working at NFPD in 1998.

Listen / Learn / Lead

My personal leadership philosophy is based on the core value of integrity and the "Platinum Rule". I believe that when I do the right things for the right reasons and treat others even better than the way I wish to be treated, it will establish trust, commitment, and connection with those around me. I believe sharing my personal leadership philosophy will help our members develop an understanding of what I expect from them -- and create a framework from which you can hold me accountable. Above all, I believe following these principles will allow me to positively impact the lives of those around me. My leadership philosophy is a living document which continues to develop as I learn and grow. I will be sure to revisit this philosophy often an update the members of our district when changes are made.

Personal Standards

I will earn credibility by putting my utmost attention and efforts towards the positive growth of the department while keeping my families well-being and health the highest priority. I will approach my days with an optimistic outlook and positive attitude. Those around me have approval to remind me when there is not a smile on my face. We have the best job in the world, and I want to enjoy it and have that represented in both my verbal and non-verbal communication. I will set achievable and measure goals for myself and my team members. I will express gratitude and acknowledge efforts that contribute to the progress of our department. Lead by example by making sure my actions are aligned with the districts Mission Statement and Core Values. I will find ways to create opportunity and a positive working environment.

Command Structure

Board of Commissioners, Prevention Bureau, NFPD Chiefs & Administration Team

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NFPD Command

To contact a chief please
Call NFPD Administration 208-468-5770 & leave a message indicating which Chief you would like to speak to.

Kirk Carpenter

Fire Chief

Chris King

Deputy Fire Chief of Operations

Nick Adams

Deputy Chief of Logistics

Ron Johnson

Deputy Chief Fire Marshal

Robert Jardine

Division Chief of Training

Tom Wright

Division Chief of EMS

Prevention Bureau

The Prevention Bureau main phone number is 208-468-4751

Ron Johnson

Deputy Chief Fire Marshal


Rob Johnson

Deputy Fire Marshal - Fire Inspector, Fire & Life Safety Plan Examiner, Conceptual Plan Reviewer.

Mark Strom

Deputy Fire Marshal - Fire Inspector & Investigator, Special Investigator

Melissa Close

Deputy Fire Marshal - Fire Inspector, Community Outreach, School & Licensed Care Facility Contact

Elijah Effinger

Deputy Fire Marshal - Fire Inspector, Plan Review Fire Alarm & Sprinkler

Training Team

Training Division is Located at 300 W. Railroad Nampa, ID 83687

Robert Jardine

Division Chief of Training

Michael Scott

Training Captain

Ben McDermott

Training Captain

NFPD Administration Team

Reach Administration at 208-468-5770

Debby Pack

Account Specialist

Norah Culbertson

Fire District Administration Assistant

Kristie Williams

HR Specialist & Member Services

Julianna Linan

Prevention Bureau Administration Assistant

Misti Sanders

Executive Assistant

Jay Prado

Network Administrator


The NFPD Board of Commissioners is an elected oversight governing board that meets monthly.

Nicholas Chan

District 3

Cleo Miller

District 1

Frank Wolfkiel

District 4

Daniel Ryan

District 5

Paul Jones

District 2

NFPD Locations

View All current locations Nampa Fire operates


If you need to reach a station, please reach out to NFPD Administration at 208-468-5770 rather than calling a station directly.

NFPD Administration Office

fire administration headquarters photo

NFPD Administration Office is the headquarters for the NFPD Command Team & Administrative Team.

9 12th Ave. S, Nampa, ID 83651
Fax - 208-899-8405

NFPD Training Grounds

NFPD Training Grounds are the headquarters for the NFPD Training Team including Chief of EMS & division Chief of Training.

300 W. Railroad, Nampa, ID, 83687

fire administration headquarters photo

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Community Outreach

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Station Tours, Ride-Along, Firefighter Visits, Car Seats

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Smoke Alarm Program, Fire Escape Plan, Corbon Monoxide, Red Cross Programs

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Firework Information, Hazardous Material Removal, Burn Permits, Fire Extinguishers

Nampa Fire Protection District

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